Running For The Future

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    It was a dark and stormy day, the sun peeking behind the storm clouds. The ground was wet, the grass riddled with rain, and right now, the clouds played a mysterious effect on the day, as school started and the kids started to funnel inside through the entrances. But, today the number of kids was significantly smaller than usual.
    At the entrance to the parking lot, guards with bluetooth ear pieces, army fatigues and very scary looking guns were sending children back home, sometimes just one kid at a time, other times even whole school buses. Only a few children and teachers were allowed to pass. Around 20 children and 3 teachers were inside the building after the last few children were sent home, not knowing what to tell their parents.
    Three of the children in the school were Forsythe Smith, Amber Jones and Andrew Johnson.
    “Lucky! Why do those kids get to skip school? I wish we could just go home!” Though he whined, Andrew didn’t know what was coming for him, and his two friends.
    Walking down the now empty halls of Palo Alto Public School, Forsythe snapped his fingers.
    “Oh! I forgot my lunch bag on the bus! I’m going to go check if the buses are still here, maybe I can catch up to them. You guys keep on going, I’ll be back soon.” Forsythe, a very shy introvert started to wonder what the conversation was going to be between the bus driver and himself, someone not so good at making conversations.
    Contemplating over different conversation situations in his head, Forsythe reached for the handle of the door at the front entrance of the school. He was about to push, to exit the building, but then a hand reached for his shoulder. Forsythe craned his neck around to see the owner of the hand on his shoulder. What he saw, was a very muscular man, in a black tuxedo. Just black. The tie, pants and shirt were solid black, and if they were anymore darker, could’ve easily passed as a black hole. If that didn’t seem suspicious enough, the man’s face was the opposite of his suit. His face was complete white, and seemed as if he had slipped his head into a white sock. He had no eyes, and no mouth. The only part of his head that was black was his hair.
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The boss says that no one escapes. No one ever escapes.”
    The innocent, skinny boy tried to reply, but only managed a few mumbles. Then, he struggled to stand up, then awkwardly ran away to join his friends again.
    “Hi Forsythe! You didn’t find your lunchbox?” Amber asked, she was motioning for him to sit beside him, but then took her hand back when she saw Forsythe’s pale face, and shaking arms.
    “What happened?” Andrew asked, hinting in on the emotions displayed by his friend.
    Forsythe slowed his shaking to a minimum, and then explained what had happened. The faces of Amber and Andrew displayed fear, and worry. Nothing good.
    “Man, I knew that this place was weird from the start! This school is creepy!” Amber, a girl who had just arrived to the school last week, was disgusted. She stomped her way to the exit, this time the back entrance, and had her hand on the handle. At that moment, a voice from the intercom blasted into their ears.
    A man’s urgent but controlled voice said, “Subject #359, we kindly advise you not to open the door, or else we will be forced to feed you to the Negatives.”
    Amber turned around, wide eyed at Forsythe. “Is that man that you saw a ‘Negative’?” Forsythe pondered over the thought, and then nodded.
    In a matter-of-factly voice, Forsythe replied. “It makes sense. Black and White are opposites, and that was what those men were wearing, or what they looked like.”
    Andrew was quiet the whole time. He was crouched in a ball as the chaos of the yelling rose around him. Most of the children and teachers heard the message, and were asking about what was going on. Then, Andrew whispered to his companions.
    “It’s real, it’s really real. I can’t believe it.”
    “What’s real, Andrew? What’s going on?” Amber rushed to his aid, noticing his slow rise to craziness, as he looked like a psychopath talking to himself.
    “Amber, Forsythe, I have to tell you something.” The two kids leaned in closer. “I’ve heard of these guys man. These ‘negatives’ do weird stuff to people. I don’t know if this is true, but they say that the government mutated these people into monsters, for social experiments. They release them in schools and workplaces to study how humans react in extreme situations. I thought that it was fake, but now, I’m starting to believe it.”
    “Um, Andrew? How did you find out about this? This sounds like super top secret government thingy.”
    Then, Andrew lifted his head to reveal his watery and bloodshot eyes. “Because my great grandfather died in one of these experiments.”
    “We have to get out of here.” Forsythe grabbed his friends by the arms and rushed for the door. “We’re going to find somewhere to hide.”
    They brushed past their clueless peers, and opened the doors to the second floor.
    “We should go to the library, there’s a lot of hiding places there. We can hide on top of the book shelves.”
    Forsythe nodded. “Good idea, but we have to rush.”
    At that moment, the intercom buzzed alive again. “Stage 1 commencing. Survive ‘The Negatives’ for half an hour, and then we will decide what to do with the survivors.”
    “Let’s go! Let’s go!” The three ran towards the library, not for books, but for survival. Opening the double doors, Forsythe lead the way and checked for hiding spots on top of or between book shelves. Andrew was helping out, and the two guys didn’t let Amber, so she stayed back to be on the lookout. That was when Forsythe heard her voice.
    “Guys?! We have to go! Run, RUN!” Andrew and Forsythe made eye contact, and rushed to join with Amber, and see was was happening. They saw a teacher with a group of kids running towards them. They had blood on their clothes.
    “RUN! The Negatives are coming!” The teacher yelled, ushering her kids into the library. Forsythe and the teacher quickly closed the door, but then another child came around the corner, crying and sprinting. Forsythe opened the door to let him in, but was too late. A negative grabbed him by the foot, and dragged him around the corner. The kids watched as blood splattered across the wall.
    “GO! We have to RUN!” The now larger group of children and kids ran out the other exit. Forsythe, Amber and Andrew waited at the back of the group to help the scared younger children run away. When the last one was gone, the three went to catch up with the group but then they heard the screams. Amber went to check on the children, but there were none. The only evidence of children being there was a pair of glasses with broken lenses. Amber gasped.
    “They’ve been abducted.”
    Forsythe and Andrew came running to join her, and gasped in sync.
    “We have to go. Now.” Andrew whispered, and spied the glasses. He almost threw up. “And I don’t mean hide. I mean we have to get out of this school. We need to warn others.” They all nodded, and then put their hands on top of each other, and raised them. “For our survival.”
    “Stage 1 is over. Stage 2 commencing, survive for an hour. There is only four among you that are still alive.” Forsythe wrinkled his nose.
    “Now, there are only three survivors.”
    Andrew started breathing heavily. “I will not let you push us around anymore! You will not get away with this!” Andrew climber onto a bookshelf and grabbed the speaker from the ceiling. Forsythe and Amber watched in amazement as Andrew ran towards the windows, using the metal speaker system to break the window. He tumbled out of the second floor window, not caring about the consequences.
    Amber looked at Forsythe and ran to the window to check what happened to their friend.
    “Andrew? Andrew, where did you go?” Forsythe tried to bite back tears.
    “Guys? I’m down here! I made it! I can’t believe I made it! Aim for the tree!” Forsythe turned to Amber and shrugged. He stared at the leafy tree on the ground and aimed for the most comforting, leafy area. The trip down hurt, but didn’t break any bones. Forsythe met with Andrew who suffered more injuries, but didn’t look like it.
    Next came Amber, and she screamed all the way down. Forsythe cringed, because he didn’t want to attract the attention of the Negatives.
    “Okay guys, let’s go, let’s go. We have to run.” Next, Forsythe said, “Amber, pass me your phone. We have to signal police. Andrew said that we were a part of a government experiment, so if we call, we can get recorded or cut off by the government.”
    “Good idea.”
    In the forest now, Forsythe used his computer skills to send a signal to the police. In a few minutes, they got a message back.
    They Are Coming To Get You
    “Yes! We’re going to be rescued! Hug me, Forsythe!” But then, they got another message.

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