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    A few days ago, I went to the park with my friends after school. I came a bit later than everyone else because I had to go on the bus to go home and eat dinner while the others had just walked to the park right after school had ended. When I arrived at the park on my bike, I saw everyone playing basketball with more people! Actually, just two more people than everyone were there, but they were way older than us! They were like in high school! We played some basketball and while we were playing, I grabbed a water bottle and just randomly threw it into the air. You know the flip bottle challenge right? Well, that was what I was trying. I threw it into the air and when it landed, it bounced a few times but then, it landed upright against the side of the basketball court! (The court had a little wall on one side.) Everyone yelled and screamed! It was so cool! Then we played a little more basketball and then, some people got hungry. Some of my friends didn’t even have dinner yet so some of them went to Pizza Pizza to get some food for everyone. I stayed at the court with one other friend. I was flipping my bottle while my friend was trying to get the basketball in the net from half court, backwards. When she missed her shot, she went to collect he ball and meanwhile, I was still flipping my bottle! I landed my flip but unfortunately, the basketball that my friend had collected rolled over and knocked it down! Since it was pretty funny, I pretended that I got really mad, so I threw the bottle randomly. It landed inside the basketball net and it got stuck there, it was like a one in a million chance of it happening and it happened! After my friends came back with the pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, dipping sauces and chicken nuggets, we had a feast. Then, everyone slowly left to go home and finally I left too. As they say, all good things must come to an end!

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